We’re Back!

Welcome back to Dark Fiction Magazine!

DFM has been away for a while, it’s true. We’ve been holidaying on a bleak coast somewhere, occasionally popping out to harpoon the odd Lovecraftian horror when the tentacles get a little too close to the beach, but we have returned; refreshed, salt-encrusted, and hungry for stories!

A new issue of Dark Fiction Magazine is imminent, my friends, it teeters upon the cusp of being, but for now we’re shifting the furniture about, chasing the bats out the curtains and generally sprucing things up. We’ve got a slightly new team too, although we’re still about the same thing; finding great stories, making shiny audio versions, and dropping them in your ears, so as usual we’d like to hear from you. We want your stories, your artwork, and possibly your honey-smoked voices (although not in a creepy Little Mermaid way) so pop on over to the submissions page to see how you can get involved.

I must go now and get these ectoplasm stains out the carpet, but we will be back soon with four excellent science-fiction stories for your ear trumpets. Keep watching the seas!

– Jen Williams