Ren Warom

Ren’s a writer of the strange, dark and bizarre, repped by Jennifer Udden of Donald Maass Literary Agency. She has two novels forthcoming in the UK and the US with Titan Books, both cyberwierd scifi: ESCAPOLOGY in Autumn 2016 and VIROLOGY in 2017. Ren’s short stories have appeared in various anthologies, including the BFS nominated TALES OF EVE (Fox Spirit Books 2013), THIS IS HOW YOU DIE (Grand Central Press 2013) and URBAN OCCULT (Anachron Press 2013). She has a dark, psychological scifi novella, THE LONELY DARK, out now with Fox Spirit Books.

Twitter: @RenWarom

Website: https://renwaromsumwelt.wordpress.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJG0N7oVbG2AaIW1UM1gGug