Moons Like Blind Eyes by Ren Warom

Moons Like Blind Eyes

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Jal had a sister, but she’s only just remembered her. Somehow she left the memory behind her, buried under the light of five moons on the planet Virnai, where her father was once diplomatic liaison for Earth. When they left Virnai, within weeks of arriving, Priya did not come with them. She had gone, disappeared as though she never existed. A terrible accident, a moment’s distraction. Now Jal feels compelled to return to Virnai and learn the truth. Try to find her sister, or whatever traces of her remain. Because Priya’s disappearance might have been her fault, and may not have been an accident at all.


eyes_in_the_dark_largeHalf-lost, Jal sits cross-legged amongst the collected mass of her belongings, strewn across the pale wooden floor of her apartment. Is this who she is? An accretion of junk from research trips and lecturing contracts on foreign worlds, speaking of a fractured soul unable to settle to one form, one singular existence…
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RenWBiopicRen’s a writer of the strange, dark and bizarre, repped by Jennifer Udden of Donald Maass Literary Agency. She has two novels forthcoming in the UK and the US with Titan Books, both cyberwierd scifi: ESCAPOLOGY in Autumn 2016 and VIROLOGY in 2017. Ren’s short stories have appeared in … //READ MORE//


IMG_20150705_142103156Zoe exists in a happy chaos with her big bear of a husband, two delightfully semi-feral offspring and a crazy dog. A lover of wordsmithery, she has been a fervent devourer of books since childhood with a broad spectrum of reading tastes inclined towards the offbeat – including… //READ MORE//