Emma Newman

Emma Newman lives in Somerset, England and drinks far too much tea. She writes dark short stories, post-apocalyptic novels and records audiobooks in all genres.
Her debut short-story collection From Dark Places was published in 2011 and she’s celebrating the recent publication of 20 Years Later, her debut post-apocalyptic novel for young adults.
Emma recently secured funding to write a new five book urban fantasy series called the Split Worlds and is releasing a short story every week set there, the audio versions are available for free subscription at iTunes (http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-split-worlds/id511873207).
Her hobbies include making Steampunk costumes and playing RPGs.
You can almost always find her on Twitter as @emapocalyptic, she blogs at www.enewman.co.uk, rarely gets enough sleep and refuses to eat mushrooms.