Danny Davies

Danny Davies has been knocking about since almost exactly halfway through the 1970s, and still hasn’t taken the hint.
He is solely responsible for the comedy sketch podcast A Disappointment, and colludes with Marty Perrett on the free-form silly-billy chat-fest Soldiers of Tangent. Persistant and unfounded rumours have also linked Danny with The Bearcast’s Napoleon R Taverner.
As well as talking into microphones, Danny has been bass player in The Raudive and Hoffman, despite insisting on strumming the instrument like a guitar. Recently, he founded the photo blog Professional Excellence!, dedicated to celebrating the art of the workplace doodle.
He lives in Cambridge, England, with his wife, daughter and two cats, and works in academic publishing. His interests include sleeping, garlic, Doctor Who, crisps, sleeping and needless repetition.
Further curiosity can be sated at http://www.thedannydavies.co.uk or by following @dannydavies23 on your Twit-O-Matic 9000. Although the latter is taken up largely with vicious and insensitive attacks on minor celebrities, alternated with heavy-handed whimsy and emetic self-pity. So watch your step…