We’ll always be here by S.L. Grey (Free)

We’ll Always Be Here by S.L. Grey, narrated by Kim Lakin-Smith Homicidal robots, misfit children, apocalyptic asteroids and Next Top Model. A celestial horror story that could only come from the warped minds behind The Mall and The New Girl. First published in The Lowest Heaven anthology and reproduced with kind permission from Jurassic London. Available to buy from SpaceWitch.


A Map of Mercury by Alastair Reynolds (Free)

A Map of Mercury by Alastair Reynolds Narrated by Darren Goldsmith “When we can rebuild our bodies, what is it that makes us human? And when we can mould the universe, what are the limits of art? A look into the future with the legendary Alastair Reynolds. First published in The Lowest Heaven anthology and reproduced with kind permission from …


The Men

The priest and the elders prepare the ceremony. They carry the iron chairs, one between two, and place them at regular intervals along the oak table. They clean the wash basins, polish the plates, unwrap fresh candles. The priest consults the ledger while keeping half an eye on the shadow on the October dial. It shrinks along the notches as the sun loses its grip on the sky and the full moon begins to move in.

The Crow Wife

Bediwyr stumbled, his feet snatched out from under him by a stray root across his path. He cursed as he fell, then cried out as the wound on his leg opened again. He lay still, waiting for the pain to pass, and tried not to cry out. The beast could still be near.
All this for love, he thought. A fool’s love, aimed arrow-straight at a mark far beyond his reach. Bediwyr grinned through gritted teeth. No more foolish than he was for following his King


Section III

Some lives are like the punch line to a joke. Some are like a military campaign. Some seem spurred on by the same migratory restlessness driving birds south for the winters.
Some are as precisely crafted as the gears in an old watch, the rhyme scheme of a sonnet. Others are a piece of abstract expressionism, without recognizable pattern or form, studies in desire, suffering, solitude.


He sat at the back of a dingy pool hall, smoking weed from a pipe and getting head from a one-eyed prostitute the first time I met him.
Hey, you asked me to tell you about the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. It gets plenty weirder, so listen up or go get me a beer and fuck off.

And The Northmen Brought Their Gods

It is said that before the Northmen sacked that most blessed of places, God’s own church at Lindisfarne, dire portents appeared over the kingdoms to the north: great flashes of lightning and fiery dragons were seen in the skies. How fortunate were they to have had such warning – we had none.

A Humble Buttercup

The road ended with an abrupt drop into the ocean. Jim stood at the edge of the tarmac, his car parked on the other side of the barrier a few metres away. He’d had to get out and see it for himself, disbelieving the horizon from the driver’s seat.