Kim Lakin-Smith

Kim Lakin-Smith is a science fiction and dark fantasy author whose work focuses on urban dystopias, history and folklore, steam/gaspunk, and the notion of the outsider. Kim’s debut novel, Tourniquet, was published by Immanion Press in 2007. Her next novel, Cyber Circus, and the sister novella Black Sunday will be published by Newcon Press in 2011. Kim’s short stories have appeared in Interzone, Black Static, Celebration – the BSFA’s 50th birthday anthology, Myth-Understandings and others. Her story, “Johnny and Emmie-Lou Get Married” was shortlisted for the BSFA short story award 2009.


Danie Ware

Front(on)line PR for Forbidden Planet London and a Crusader for the New Breed of Geek. Throw in three helpings Mom, two of demented road cyclist and writer (not simultaneously) and a half-cup of art toy enthusiast, sprinkle a fascination with social media over the top… and bake to taste.


Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams is a fantasy and horror writer from South East London. When not frowning over her notebook in coffee shops and pubs, she can usually be found shouting excitedly at the Xbox, or recording a podcast about shouting at Xboxes. Her short stories have appeared in Hub magazine and Black Static, and she is currently working on her next novel, which has mutated into a science-fiction/crime series, much to her own surprise.


Marty Perrett

Marty has been, and still is, involved in a fair few audio projects. Stemming from a lifetime of amusing himself he made up worlds, characters and gave voices to pretty much all of his childhood toys – especially Jeb, the longest serving (and surviving) bear, who can be heard now on the podcast ‘The Bearcast’ and the audio adventure ‘Lost Bearings’.


David Thomas Moore

David Moore is an Australian geek who came to the UK in 1994 out of sheer curiosity, and ended up marrying a local girl and settling. He works as an editor at Solaris Books and Abaddon Books, which is basically a dream job – hey, it’s okay to be jealous – and is (very) intermittently published, mostly in online magazines and the like.


Alasdair Stuart

Alasdair Stuart used to refuse to believe he liked horror. Oh sure he’s seen The Woman in Black a bunch of times, and still can’t make it through Ghostwatch without shivering but no, he definitely doesn’t like horror.