Jim Moon

Mr Jim Moon is a perpetual n’er’do well who owns far too many books for his own good. However this does mean he has a vast store of useless information which informs his blogging and reviewing plus an ample stockpile of material to talk about on his weird fiction podcast Hypnobobs.


Danny Davies

Danny Davies has been knocking about since almost exactly halfway through the 1970s, and still hasn’t taken the hint.
He is solely responsible for the comedy sketch podcast A Disappointment, and colludes with Marty Perrett on the free-form silly-billy chat-fest Soldiers of Tangent. Persistant and unfounded rumours have also linked Danny with The Bearcast’s Napoleon R Taverner.

Kate Sherrod

Kate Sherrod is a poet, novelist, narrator and editor based in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Her first published poetry collection, Suppertime Sonnets, is available in ebook or paperback from Amazon and Smashwords; her next work, due later in 2012, is a collaboration with child prodigies Sukie Sparkles and Zoe Zinger and can be previewed at OmiandLulu.com.


Emma Newman

Emma Newman lives in Somerset, England and drinks far too much tea. She writes dark short stories, post-apocalyptic novels and records audiobooks in all genres.
Her debut short-story collection From Dark Places was published in 2011 and she’s celebrating the recent publication of 20 Years Later, her debut post-apocalyptic novel for young adults.