One of us, one of us! – Audio Anthology

Are you one of them, or one of us?
What’s inside:
1. A Map of Mercury by Alastair Reynolds
2. We’ll Always Be Here by S. L. Grey
3. Wish for a Gun by Sam Sykes
4. Death on Elsewhere Street by Jaine Fenn


Issue 14 – Under the Hollow Hills

Winter has finally released us from its freezing grip, and the first blue skies in what feels like an ice-age are making themselves known over a gradually defrosting London. I’ve been down to the cellar with an ice-pick and removed the goblins from their traditional winter hibernation bundle, and we are ready for another episode of Dark Fiction Magazine.

Issue 13 – The Drowned Lands

This year, since we love Halloween so much and it never lasts long enough, the goblins have decided to stretch this episode out. We have four watery themed stories for you popping up on the website over the next week or so; first up is the excellent Swamp Tale by Joshua Malbin, a twisted little tale of hope and second-guesses.


Issue 12 – Night Legends

Greetings, and welcome back to the cold and slightly decomposing bosom of Dark Fiction Magazine. In this issue we’re going back to our roots with an episode of classic horror from a collection of excellent writers.


Issue 11 – Fractured Future

Welcome back to Dark Fiction Magazine! In this, our first issue of 2012, we have a handful of excellent science-fiction stories for you; we will show you futures both distant and close, but all uncertain.


Issue 10 – Happy Birthday to us!

It has been a year since we launched Dark Fiction Magazine. During this crazy period we have done some awesome stuff that we are very proud of. It has been a lot of work, but worth every second. We even made the shortlist for the highly acclaimed Parsec award.


Issue 9 – Heroic Fables

Welcome back to Dark Fiction Magazine. This month we did something rather special for you. Not only do we have fantastical stories from three great fantasy authors, but we also have the winners of our epic flash fiction competition.