What is WordPunk? What do you do? Why am I here?

We love science-fiction, horror, fantasy, and all those smaller sub-genres with cool names and possibly their own stalls in Camden Market. We want to find good short stories and share them with you.

How much does it cost to pour these audio delights into my ear canal?

Nothing! WordPunk is free.


Are you open for submissions?

That is a big fat yes!

Full submissions details are here.

Please take note that WordPunk do not pay for stories.

How do I become a narrator for WordPunk?

We like to have a good variety of readerly voices at WordPunk so send a sample of your audio talents via the system here.


Who designed the site?

The site’s layout and look was created by Del Lakin-Smith.

Do you have an rss feed for WordPunk?

Yes we do. You can find it at the top of our website. The feed address is, http://wordpunk.co.uk/feed/podcast/.


How do I subscribe via iTunes?

iTunes is the golden chalice when it comes to podcasts. If you have an iPod, iPhone or iPad, iTunes is the de facto way of getting content onto your device.

To subscribe to our stories you can simply open up iTunes and search the store for WordPunk. Once you are viewing the page for WordPunk, click on “Subscribe Free”. This will begin the process of downloading the latest audio file. Once new audio files become available iTunes will automatically download the files ready for either listening on your computer or syncing with your iPod/Phone/Pad.

If you prefer to download all the files you can select the Podcasts section from the left hand menu and open up the required podcast and click on “Get All”. This will download all available audio files.


What about us non-Apple users?

The easiest way to get access to the audio files is to either listen direct on the website or to use a Podcatcher. A Podcatcher is an application for reading RSS feeds and automatically downloading any new content to you PC/SmartPhone/Media Player. There is a useful list of Podcatchers at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_podcatchers, which lists most platforms, but as always, if you are having problems please do get in touch.


Do you have a Twitter account or Facebook page?

We have both. Links to each can be found at the top of the website along with the rss feed button. Our Twitter account is @DarkFicMagazine and our Facebook page can be found here.


Anything else I should know before I get stuck in?

No. Oh, keep an eye out for our flash fiction competitions – we hope to be running several throughout the year.