Welcome to WordPunk

Genre is Awesome!
No doubt, argument or discussion. It just it. Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror are the pinnacles of imagination, taking us beyond the places of relative comfort and safety. Making us think, feel, fear and escape to worlds of wonder and magic.

WordPunk exists to fulfill one purpose in life. To create awesome audio stories from the shorter ends of the fiction scale. Taking Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror from the written word and into your ears.

We source amazing stories, from amazing authors and then record them by our amazing narrators. Amazing, huh?

WordPunk if free. Our gift to you.

Who is behind WordPunk?

WordPress is owned, run and maintained by Del Lakin-Smith. A lover of genre fiction, a sound engineer and master of technology. From the days of Dark Fiction Magazine up to today Del has been working with audio stories and bringing them to you, the fans.

The Mysterious Others

We’d be lost without our wonderful, ever-growing team of narrators. You can find out more about the narrators here.

We mustn’t forget those marvellous authors, either. Without them, we’d have no stories. With each new podcast the author list grows. Find out more about the authors here.

I have questions! Where can I get some answers?

Easy! Pretty much everything you need to know can be found on the FAQ Page.

Curious about how to submit a story? Check out our Submissions Page.