WordPunk is offically ALIVE. Welcome to the all new look, bringing you better stories, better authors and better narrators. Nobody can keep us down for long. This is just the beginning of bigger and better things and what we like to call the best damn audio magazine in this dimension.

About WordPunk

One day not so long ago (October 2010, to be precise) Dark Fiction Magazine was born. The goal was to bring audio anthologies to the masses for free. Now, we have evolved in to WordPunk. A more edgy, punky ethos. Pushing boundaries in short fiction. exploring Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. We still bring you the best in short genre fiction, we still push out a monthly anthology of audio to please your ears. We do all this for the love of it. All for free and all of the best quality from world leading authors to new voices in the field. We rely on the generosity of authors, narrators and supporters. So please, if you do nothing else, tell your friends about us, share on social media, and maybe even give us a rating on iTunes. We also have a Patreon account where you can make donations to help us keep WordPunk running, and if we get enough support actually pay our authors. How cool would that be? So jump in and enjoy the ride.Support WordPunk on Patreon

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We are a small and agile group of folk who are passionate about bringing the best genre short fiction to your ears.

We are always looking for more stories to add to our magazine. We have a simple submissions policy to try to keep our workload to a minimum and our magazine the best it can be.

Before submitting anything please listen to what we have produced so far to familiarise yourself with the kind of story that we publish. Each edition of the magazine is based around a theme, so please bear that in mind when submitting your story. If you have work that fits into a particular theme that we have not covered, we are open to suggestions.

  • All material submitted to WordPunk should be in electronic format and sent using our online submission system at Submittable. This will be processed by our online submission system, enabling you to check the status of your submission at any time.
  • You must have the rights to the story. If your story has been sold under first rights exclusive, you may need to check with your publisher to ensure you are allowed to re-publish. If in doubt please contact your publisher. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the rights to allow us to publish your story.
  • We are not a paying market. Our ethos is to grow the short fiction market by providing a free service to authors and readers alike.


Do you have the voice of an angel? Or demon, we don’t mind as long as you sound awesome. You have a good recording setup and you are keen to put your voice out there.

We want you to narrate some stories for us. You can chose which stories suit you and we work round your schedule.

As with all things WordPunk, we are not a paying gig. But we guarantee fun and being part of an ever expanding project.

Simply get in touch and we will send you some stories.